Live here, work there…no car?

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, WMATA commonly referred to as “The metro,” is, generally speaking, a well-run public transportation system.

Germantown residents might be confused by the plethora of bus routes and be overwhelmed when trying to get to MetroRail stop “Shady Grove.” Continue reading


Getting Around Georgetown

Georgetown the black hole of public transportation.  It also can become horrible gridlocked and impossible to drive in.  It combines the hassle of city driving with the lack of underground rail of the suburbs, so sometimes you need to get a little creative.  Fortunately, LiveSmart DC is here to help.  Here are the best ways to get in, out, and around Georgetown.

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New mall opening in Seneca Meadows

Blog Shops 2

There’s a big construction project underway in Seneca Meadows, but you might have missed it so far. Tucked into the Seneca Meadows neighborhood of Germantown, The Shops at Seneca Meadows is going to be home to a variety of shops and restaurants.

Construction crews are projected to complete The Shops at Seneca Meadows in Mid-2013. Even with common perceptions of construction and requisite delays, the buildings seem to be well on their way to being done in time for next Spring or Summer. Continue reading

Best Pizza Joint in Germantown?

Germantown residents know good pizza, and they know all about Ledo Pizza. Click on the link to listen to an audio report:

Ledo Pizza has 100 franchises ranging from Maryland all the way down to Florida. The first store opened its doors in Adelphi, MD in 1955. Most of the stores are locally owned and operated in Maryland and Virginia. Continue reading

Get Involved in Georgetown!

Being part of a community means more than just living in it and complaining about it.  Like every town, Georgetown has its issues, and as a new resident, you can choose to become part of the solutions, or just sit around and moan about all of the things you want.  Luckily, Georgetown has various groups you can get involved in and an open ANC that you can pitch your ideas to.

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Alexandria and Arlington are Peruvian Chicken Meccas

Sweet hickory smoke billows from The Chicken Place in Baileys Crossroads, VA

When I moved to the D.C. area in 1993, I took up residence in Clarendon. Back then, the sleepy commuter community was far from the young, hip, prohibitively expensive urban village it is now. A handful of mediocre restaurants, used car dealers, and tiny, really old houses was about it. No Whole Foods. No Pottery Barn. No Spider Kelly’s. It’s no wonder I moved to Silver Spring Maryland after five months.

But alas, Clarendon offered at least one saving grace for hard-partying recent college grad with a voracious appetite for new culinary offerings: El Pollo Rico.The legendary restaurant was my gateway drug into the wonderful world of charcoal-broiled Peruvian chicken. As a Philly boy raised on cheesesteaks, scrapple and hoagies, the simple concept of rotisserie chicken seemed over-hyped. But Peruvian chicken – prepared well – is on a whole. Nuh-vuh. Level. Marinated in any number of seasoning combinations (every place has their own secret recipe). Slow-broiled over red-hot hickory or oak coals, and served up with a spicy mayo or extra hot salsa verde. Pure Poultry nirvana. Maryland and D.C. have chicken joints but in my opinion, the best are right here in Alexandria and Arlington. The areas booming Latino and Hispanic population certainly have something do with it, but the areas overall diversity provides a strong customer base for this simple, yet delicious food.

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Alexandria and Arlington are (literally) for the dogs

I’m not a dog owner – at least not yet. But my family and I plan on adding a four-legged friend to our home in the very near future. Dogs take a ton of care, time and attention – just like children – so in the interim, I’ve been studying up. Doing my homework. Preparing for the incredible commitment a dog requires. I’m not 100% we’re ready for it, but then again, who is? Take a stroll through the streets of Arlington, or a late-day weekend cruise through Alexandria’s neighborhoods and one thing is clear: dogs are as much a part of the fabric of these communities as the George Washington Masonic Temple, Clarendon Farmers Market, and the King Street Trolley; and both communities embrace its canine residents with an abundance of pet-friendly offerings.

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