College Park: Where to Get Your News

In earlier posts, I have helped you figure out where to eat on Baltimore Avenue, how to get around on public transit, and where to shop for clothes if you are a college-aged female (unfortunately, gentlemen, you will have to stick to Downtown Washington for your shopping needs). This may not be at the top of your list of things to figure out as a new resident, but where will you get your news? Of course, you could turn on your TV and watch broadcasts of the local ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliates, but what about print and online news? Well, have no fear. I have saved you the trouble of searching for those outlets.

College Park Patch | Twitter: @CollegePrkPatch

Many states and major cities have Patch sites, which provide local information and news to residents, and College Park is one of them. The site does tend to focus on borderline cities of College Park, including Greenbelt and Hyattsville, and Prince George’s County as a whole, but it is a nice place to get a quick grasp of daily news in the entire region at one source. The articles are often quick reads, informing you of everything you need to know at a fast pace.

The Diamondback | Twitter: @thedbk

The Diamondback is University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper, which is offered in print and online editions. Its reporters, which are mostly UMD students, cover news on campus, as well local and national stories. The print edition is released Monday through Friday and is free of cost and the online edition is updated daily.

Rethink College Park | Twitter: @RethinkCP

This blog was launched in July 2006 after then-University of Maryland student David Daddio wrote an op-ed piece for The Diamondback of the same title, suggesting that the city is becoming too bogged down by its growing number of development projects and overwhelming traffic brought in by the university, amongst other things, and that more effort should be made by government, residents and other parties to make it an enjoyable, walkable city with University of Maryland at its helm. Rob Goodspeed, another University of Maryland student at the time, saw Daddio’s piece and together, they thought of a way to make a site related to the piece’s topics a reality, often updating with news of the city’s latest development projects. The site encourages residents to contribute to posts, send in feedback and comment on the articles, hoping to “bridge these divides [between government and residents, the university and students] and foster a focused and sustained open conversation about the future of the city and facilitate a unique and ongoing visioning process.”

College Park City Council

Located across the street from University of Maryland at 4500 Knox Road is College Park City Hall, where College Park City Council and Mayor Andrew M. Fellows host weekly meetings on on-goings in the city. The City of College Park site also provides information on the council members and the districts they cover, an updated list of city council meetings, and an updated list of events in the city. A bi-monthly newsletter titled “The Development Update” is also issued by the city and covers its various development projects, as well as any changes being made to its current buildings. The November 2012 edition of the newsletter is available now.

The Washington Post | Twitter: @washingtonpost 

As with many other cities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the Post covers College Park, as well as other local, national and international stories. Because it is such a large paper, it does not cover College Park every day, but it will cover stories in the city that are of great significance to the community and region overall.

The Gazette and The Baltimore Sun | Twitter: @gazette_net and @baltimoresun

Like the Post, The Gazette and The Baltimore Sun are large news outlets, with the former covering the entire state of Maryland and its counties and the latter covering the metropolitan area surrounding Baltimore, as well as other local, national and international stories. They might not cover College Park in great amounts, but they will do so if its stories are of great significance to the community and region overall.

College Park Topix

This is a great aggregation site that grabs College Park news from multiple sources. If you want to be able to go to one site and get all of the news you can from all possible sources, then this would be the site to visit. You can also update the site to coverage of a new location, if you wish.

You may find all of the contact information for editors and reporters of each outlet by clicking on their appropriate links.


2 thoughts on “College Park: Where to Get Your News

  1. Hey, you neglected to mention (my website) the North College Park Informant — — which was (re)started because College Park Patch and The Gazette barely cover College Park anymore. Even the mighty Rethink CP doesn’t post as much as it used to. Anyway, in addition to the above URL, the NCP Informant is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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