LiveSmart DC is a blog focused on to-do things in neighborhoods in and around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Each of the contributors is a graduate journalism student at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies. Since most of us are new to our respective areas, we decided to put together a blog that would inform ourselves and other new residents of what there is to do and see in the areas, including exercise routes, gardening locations, holiday events, restaurant locations and reviews and more. This will truly be a learning experience for us and we hope that others will partake in the events and locations we discover. If there is anything you believe we have missed, please feel free to contact us at our respective email addresses:

  • Chris Amos (Alexandria and Arlington, VA) – csamos24@gmail.com
  • Mark Dennin (Georgetown in Washington, D.C.) – med58@georgetown.edu
  • Palmer Gibbs (Cleveland Park in Washington, D.C.) – palmer.gibbs@gmail.com
  • Dana Jennings (Germantown, MD) – dj349@georgetown.edu
  • Pamela Seaton (College Park, MD) – pms67@georgetown.edu

We hope you enjoy the site and embrace our motto, which is that it is “Time to start living like a local.” Have fun.

— LiveSmart DC Contributors

P.S.: Please stop by and visit us on Facebook and Twitter!


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