Best Pizza Joint in Germantown?

Germantown residents know good pizza, and they know all about Ledo Pizza. Click on the link to listen to an audio report:

Ledo Pizza has 100 franchises ranging from Maryland all the way down to Florida. The first store opened its doors in Adelphi, MD in 1955. Most of the stores are locally owned and operated in Maryland and Virginia.

“Anyone who goes to Maryland knows Ledo’s, because the first one’s right there in College Park,” said Ledo patron Vince.

As franchises, Ledo Pizza varies from store to store, and the experience also varies. “I used to go to Ledo’s up in Frederick, and never really liked the food; I didn’t like the atmosphere,” said Ledo patron Sam.

The franchising changes the feel of each restaurant, but it can also lend a more community-driven experience for customers. “It’s more like a family restaurant. A lot of familiar faces; a lot of regulars,” said Ledo employee Jake.

Reasons that customers liked Ledo over the competition were that they enjoyed the local feel of the franchise, the food was good, and the prices are reasonable. “Their prices aren’t through the roof,” said Vince, while Sam added, “I think they got probably the best steak and cheese in the area.”

Ledo Pizza delivers their food in the area, but also has a large dining area that is full-service, even to include serving beer. “This place is pretty easy to get in and out quick…we’re all working today…we don’t want to take a two-hour lunch,” said Ledo patron Chuck.

The feeling of loyalty to the establishment is one honed through quality service and food. The customers were not willing to comment on any other pizzeria, specifically Vocelli’s. Vocelli’s refused interview requests, and they do not have a dining area to interview any guests.

The loyalty won by Ledo’s is impressive, “We come here maybe three or four times a month,” said Sam. Ledo’s has made the effort to cultivate a loyal customer base.


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