Pennsylvania Dutch, in Maryland


Where do you shop for groceries? There are many choices, even Wal-Mart (not recommended).  Should you go to the big stores such as Safeway, Giant, Wal-Mart, and Target, or head off to small local stores that are specialized and limited? Sometimes we find gems in places we wouldn’t expect.

There is the Lancaster County Dutch Market in Germantown, which is run but Pennsylvania Dutch proprietors and sells locally grown and harvested groceries.

As anyone familiar with Pennsylvanian history knows, the Pennsylvania Dutch, commonly referred to as “Amish,” is a society that traditionally rejects technology in general. They are not, however, confined to Pennsylvania. In fact some have emigrated as far as Canada.

In their market shoppers find everything organic; no brand names here! This is both a blessing and a shortcoming, as you can find any vegetable you can crave that is grown in the US, but you will rarely find a nutritional label.

The whole point is that the shopper is reminded of a neighborly environment, and this is exactly what many customers are looking for. In their market they have fresh foods, furniture that you can buy, and even a restaurant at which you can sit and eat a meal. Their setup is one of simplicity; a shopper pays for each purchase at the display they are found in. There are no long lines at centralized cash registers.

Speaking of long lines, anyone who is an adult in America knows what a Wal-Mart and a Target offer, so I will refrain from discussing their low prices coupled with low quality in any great detail. In the search for your favorite market, this leaves the regional supermarkets versus the smaller local markets such as the Dutch Market.

In Germantown, the choice for the supermarkets comes down to Safeway and Giant. The prices and the quality are comparable at both, and they both have semi-decent selections of organic food and fresh produce and meat.

As newcomers to any neighborhood, the easiest choice is to find the one closest to you and frequent that one. In my case, as many, that distance is negligible, as supermarkets have a habit of placing their buildings directly across the street from one another in a ploy to take each other’s profits and customers.

The supermarkets offer lower prices and loyalty cards that maximize savings that the Dutch Market cannot compare with, but there is a sense of neighborly-ness that is lost. ImageImage

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