Have pets, want to travel?

Germantown, MD is an unincorporated city with a population of 86,395 according to the 2010 census. This means that residents have a lot of choices for everything, from dry cleaners to dog cleaners.

A simple Google search will return at least eight clinics within a 3-mile radius, and dozens within a 20-mile radius. How do you choose, proximity, Yelp reviews, website?

What residents want is a good review by someone they trust, but if you recently moved, you may not have anyone to ask. Therefore, I humbly submit my biased but practiced opinion.

Having looked through several veterinary clinics both online and in person, I have found that the Germantown Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort is a well-run and very clean facility. It is not on the main thruways, but it is not hard to find if you are even just basically familiar with the area.

Located on the corner of Wisteria Drive and Father Hurley Boulevard, the clinic is on a large plot of land with a significant parking lot allowing for easy entry. The inviting outside is mirrored by the not-overpowering sterility of the inside.

They have a large interior with split areas for cat-, dog-, and children-waiting areas. The staff is courteous, professional, and friendly. The clinic takes pleasure in their jobs, and all come out to meet and greet new patients.

With five veterinarians, wait times are short and complex care is brought before many experienced eyes before serious action is taken. Their care is comprehensive as they have the facilities to perform anything between routine vaccinations and traumatic emergency surgery.

The clinic likes to look for new ways to treat pets and extend their life spans. They have digital X-Ray, electrocardiography (EKG), and ultrasound capabilities and even offer acupuncture for your beloved furry housemates.

Germantown Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort can be contacted at 301-972-9730 and http://www.germantownvet.com

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