Eat for Cheap in Georgetown

Like many Georgetowners, you are likely a busy person.  And if you’re like me, you’re probably a poor person.  For those of us who don’t have time to spend our afternoons at the Social Safeway or actually learning how to cook, thankfully there are weekly specials at a variety of eateries around the neighborhood on various days of the week.

Monday: Lots of Options!

Monday is a great day for some half-priced grub.  People don’t usually don’t think of going out to eat on Mondays, so restaurants need some way to get people in their doors.  While half-priced burger deals are all over the city, a great bet is Qdoba’s half priced burritos on Mondays.  Although Chipotle is the more popular burrito chain on M Street, Qdoba has found a way to beat them at least one day of the week.  Technically the deal is just for students, but the place gets busy enough that they usually don’t ask.  The line can get to the door, but Qdoba’s efficient system means you’ll almost never wait for more than five minutes to get a delicious burrito and drink for under five bucks.


Qdoba (no line at the moment) with its half priced Monday’s advertisement right out front

If you’re looking to watch some Monday Night Football, Rhino Bar and Pumphouse is your gridiron headquarters.  Although you won’t get to see Hank Williams Jr. anymore, it is still a  great atmosphere for a game.  And the best part: Ten cent wings (and $8 Miller Light pitchers, if you’re into that sort of thing.  And if you’re eating ten cent wings at Rhino while watching football on a Monday night, you probably are).

Rhino, with its new blue paint, trying to look less rough around the edges.  I really don't care what it looks like if I can get cheap wings, though.

Rhino, with its new blue paint, trying to look less rough around the edges. I really don’t care what it looks like if I can get cheap wings, though.

If gourmet burgers are more of your style, the fancy-schmancy Daily Grill has them for half price.  Somehow, however, they’re still kind of expensive, even if you avoid everything else on their aggressively priced menu.

Taco Tuesday:

On Tuesday’s, make the short trip to Glover Park, just above Burleith, and bring a friend to get Surfside’s buy one get one half-off taco deal.  Although it used to be buy one get one free, this deal is still worth checking out, as you can get two tacos and a side for about eight bucks.  Plus, they have validated parking, which can always save you money in this city.

If you’re not in the mood for tacos, Eat and Joy, right next to Georgetown running company off of M Street, is a Turkish restaurant specializing in gyros that also serves surprisingly good pizza.  There is a 50% student discount, but every time I’ve been there they’ve never checked GoCards or any type of student ID.

Wednesday: Pizza and Wings

Hump Day gives you two really good options.  One is a classy artisan pizza restaurant, the other is hole in the wall requiring a password for its deal.  Both are awesome and affordable.

Pizza Paradiso on M Street has a happy hour on Wednesdays (and Tuesdays as well) from 5-7 that includes $10 pizzas, $5 appetizers, and half priced drafts.  A usually more expensive restaurant becomes a place for just hanging out and getting great food at good prices.

Pizza Paradiso's open windows are great on letting some fresh air in on a nice day

Pizza Paradiso’s open windows are great on letting some fresh air in on a nice day

A great staple of Georgetown is Wingo’s, and is a great place to check out for lunch.  All take out orders are half priced on Wednesday’s, as long as you have the password, which can be found at I recommend the honey barbecue wing special with seasoned fries, although the menu is filled with great options, including delicious milkshakes.  Better get there by seven o’clock, though, the deal doesn’t last forever.


You can always find people hanging out outside Wingo’s. Mainly because there’s no where to hang out inside.

Friday: Dinner and a Movie

So this isn’t actually a deal on food, but a deal on movie tickets, as long as you buy some food.  Johnny Rocket’s on M Street, a block from the AMC Loews theater on the waterfront, offers $7.50 movie tickets (big savings from the standard $11) if you buy an entree and a soda or shake.  You could save enough money to buy popcorn (maybe)!  Although, if you fill up here beforehand, you probably won’t have too.  Johnny Rocket’s burgers, fries, and shakes are great American comfort food, and the fifties-style restaurant serves them up fast enough that you can get to the movie in time for the previews.

It's way better than buying food at the theater

It’s way better than buying food at the theater

Saturday/Sunday: Champagne Brunch

This isn’t actually that cheap, but I figured I’d tip you off to it anyway.  Just in case you want to spend your Saturday and Sunday mornings eating great food and getting a little tipsy in the process, Chadwick’s on K Street offers a bottomless champagne brunch.  The food isn’t unlimited, but unbelievably the drinks are.  If you want to get your money’s worth, don’t plan on driving home, as this brunch will set you back $22.  The place does have a great atmosphere and a good amount of history, as it was a spy hangout during the Cold War and was on TV because of it.

Every Weekday:

Another one of my favorite hole-in-the-walls is Quick Pita, a popular late-night option for Georgetown students exiting the bars, it also offers a great lunch special from 12-4.  Located on Potomac, right off of M Street, you can get a pita, drink, and more seasoned fries than you can possibly eat for about $7.50.  Nearly everything on the menu is good, but I usually go with “America’s Best,” a steak and cheese sandwich.

I'm pretty sure that awning is 30 years old.  I'm not complaining, cheap overhead (no pun intended) leads to cheap food.

I’m pretty sure that awning is 30 years old. I’m not complaining, cheap overhead (no pun intended) leads to cheap food.

Extra Savings Online!

Everybody knows about LivingSocial and Groupon, but there are other great apps that help you save.  ScoutMob is an app that finds deals all over the city (and a ton in Georgetown) for you that you can redeem right on your phone, and they’ll even send you weekly deals.  Another great app is Womply, which tracks you spending on your debit or credit cards, and then rewards you.  They also send you all types of extra deals and incentives, so if you’re serious about taking advantage of deals around Georgetown and the rest of DC, it’s helpful to have both of these apps in you pocket.


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